Vision Mini ViVi Nova 2ML Tank Kit

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The Vision Mini ViVi Nova 2ML e-cigarette tank is truly a great device. A very popular electronic cigarette product due to it's durability and vapour production. We only sell genuine branded e-cig products, and this Mini ViVi Nova is manufactured by Vision, the creator of the original ViVi Nova.

With the Vision Mini ViVi Nova you are able to replace the atomizer heads rather than replacing the whole product. We would recommend changing the atomizer head after 1-3 weeks depending on usage as the performance of the atomizer may deteriorate over time. You can find spare atomizers for the Vision ViVi Nova and Mini here.

The Vision Mini ViVi Nova is a sold in a gift box and comes included with spare atomizers. The contents of the gift box includes:

1 x Vision Mini ViVi Nova Tank 2ML
1 x Drip Tip / Mouth Piece
1 x 1.8Ohm Atomizer Head
1 x 2.4Ohm Atomizer Head
1 x 2.8Ohm Atomizer Head

Filling the device is very easy, just unscrew the top where the mouthpiece is, fill the tank with e-liquid while avoiding the centre hole and then screw the top back on. You must try to avoid the smaller centre hole when filling because any e-liquid that enters this hole may flood the atomizer. Once filled we would advise leaving the device for 20 minutes before using for the first time to allow the wicks to soak up enough e-liquid.

The Vision Mini ViVi Nova will fit any EGO battery sold on the website, or any battery with a 510/EGO thread.

The Vision ViVi Nova and Vision Mini ViVi Nova use a 510 screw thread which means there will be a gap between the battery and the device when screwed together, we sell small sleeves and large sleeves which screw onto the battery first to improve the overall appearance of the e-cig.

For a full guide on assembling your electronic cigarette and filling your device please click here.

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